The History

Andreiuk Trio - Jazz Fusion


The Andreiuk Trio was born in 2016, but the seeds that germinated in July of that year with Rodrigo Andreiuk’s desire to study his mastership at Berklee College of Music had already been planted in previous good experiences with the drummer Gerson Lima Filho.

Whie looking for Gerson to propose the project, he also met Viktor De Lima, Gerson’s brother and professional bass player who joined the project, and thus, with great fluency among the musicians, the trio was born.

The master’s project thrived and became the first international performance of the trio in Hungary, together with the Budapest Art Symphony Orchestra, in the execution of Rodrigo Andreiuk’s Symphony: Brazilian Symphonic Fantasy, on July 1st 2017.

The Andreiuk Trio is a contemporary Brazilian group of Progressive Fusion, consisting of a traditional piano, electric bass guitar and drums. It showcases the Andreiuk´s compositions and original arrangements of artists such as Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal among others, mixing rhythms and regional Brazilian influences with a hint of jazz, within a modern fusion approach.

Rodrigo Andreiuk

The Pianist

Rodrigo Andreiuk is a Brazilian Pianist, Composer and Music Producer, influenced by a wide variety of styles from classical to pop, jazz to rock, known by conveying his different musicianship characteristics into his pianistic works, compositions and productions.


As an international musician, Rodrigo has brought his Brazilian energy to audiences also in Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, USA and England. He has participated in a discography of twenty five releases, both as producer and instrumentalist. Rodrigo released his own solo DVD as pianist in 2009, featuring compositions and original arrangements from other brazilian artists, and as composer and producer, a full soundtrack design project that has been on Movie Theaters at the year of 2016.

As student, Rodrigo has been studying with very influential pianists and professors such as Dr. Carlos Yansen, Polo Orti, Guilherme Ribeiro, Albano Salles, among others, and during his Master of Music program at Berklee College of Music, has been pupil of the Mexican multi-instrumentalist Victor Mendoza, who has been his advisor until his graduation on July 2017.

Besides graduated as Master of Music in Contemporary Performance and Production at Berklee College of Music, Rodrigo is currently working on the release of the Andreiuk Trio, the Brazilian Progressive Fusion Project, along with Viktor de Lima on bass and Gerson Lima Filho on drums. This project showcases influences form artists as Egberto Gismonti, Rick Wakeman, Hermeto Pascoal, André Mehmari, among others, and also includes his newest compositio, the “Brazilian Symphonic Phantasy”, recorded live with his Trio and the Budapest Art Orchestra at the traditional MR2-Petófi Rádió in July 2017, under the tutelage of the Maestro Peter Petsjik, work that has awarded honors and bronze medal at the World Music Awards international competition, as composer.

Viktor de Lima

The Bassist


Bachelor in Popular Music from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP, Viktor De Lima has always valued teaching and the knowledge.

Because of that, he studied with great musicians such as Gary Willis, John Patitucci, Dan Haerle, Frank Reinshagen, Joe Mulholland, Pat Martino, Herbie Hancock, Itamar Collaço, Paulo Paulelli, among a few others less recognized but equally important to his formation.

During his journey and research, he accumulated performances and experiences from funk, rock, blues, jazz, fusion, salsa, pop, flamenco and of course, Brazilian music.

In addition of being a member of Andreiuk Trio, with whom he made his first international tour in 2017, the bassist is also part of the Alien Groove instrumental fusion trio and performs with the Brazilian pianist Christianne Neves and the Spanish-Brazilian flamenco guitarist Flavio Rodrigues.

He was arranger and musical director of the fourth authorized assembly of the musical “A Ópera do Maldandro” by Chico Buarque and the concerts of the singer of MPB and jazz Sara Bonfim.

In parallel, Viktor De Lima develops a work as a music teacher and trainer for aptitude tests, having students approved in conservatories and music universities in Brazil, Canada and the United States.

Gerson Lima Filho

The Drummer

He is graduated at IP&T (Instituto de Percussão e Tecnologia) where he studied for many years with Christiano Rocha, and developed specific techniques with teachers such as Giba Favery, Jayme Pladevall, Ivan Busic and Cuca Teixeira.

In 2015, was nominated by acclaimed drummer “Dom Famularo” to appear on the List of Modern American Drummer Magazine as one of the best teachers in Brazil along with Cuca Teixeira, Vera Figueiredo, Christiano Rocha, Giba Favery, Aquiles Priester, among others.

In addition to the project with Andreiuk Trio, he plays with the Rock Fusion instrumental Power Trio called Alien Groove, with the guitarist Rodrigo and bassist Viktor De Lima, which has already released a CD “Ao Vivo” and a DVD mixing the show live and songs recorded in the studio.

He has worked as sideman and recorded with the artists Léo Maia (Son of Tim Maia), Paulo Miklos (Former Titans), Fernanda Abreu, Luiza Possi, Afonso Nigro, Kid Vinil, George Israel (Kid Abelha), Tiago Costa (pianist), Swami Jr., and others.

Today Gerson is an important name on the Internet and, through his channels, teaches drum lessons and manages workshops within this vast subject. With more than 30,000 subscribers and several millions views, his large digital presence only reinforces his willingness to teach.